What do you get when you cross Moscow and Blue Grass?

What do you get when you cross Moscow and Blue Grass?

Today I just want to share with you a guppy cross that made between two very popular strains in the guppy world, the Purple Moscow and the Blue Grass guppy. They are some of the finest guppies around and are some of the most well developed strains in terms of how much the strain has been improved over the years in terms of finnage, form and colour. I managed to get my hands on a high dorsal strain of blue grass from a local Singaporean breeder and I must say that I am quite pleased with the resulting young from this line. I have actually taken a video of the blue grass guppies and these guppies are in high demand in Singapore as all the fishes I put up for sale of this line have been bought up and I cannot meet the demands of some guppy hobbyists who wants them. I will try and breed some more of these fishes but at this time, I really need the tanks for something else that I have planned. Anyway, below is a video of the Blue grass guppies that I have reared and raised at home. I think the blue grass guppies are a real beauty and they are one of my favorite strains indeed. Another strain that I really like are the Purple Moscows. Below is the strain that I have used to make this cross. These fishes have placed second in a show before and they too have quite good form and finnage. Below is the Moscow line that raise. They are not the type of Moscow that is totally dark, they are bred more for their Purplish sheen. Can you see the purplish sheen extending from the head to one third of its body? Moscow Purple Guppies   So, what is on most people’s mind is how will the young eventually look like? Here it is fold, the progeny of this cross. I have two pictures here to show you and lets discuss about the fish after looking at the pictures. 🙂

Moscow X Blue Grass 2


Moscow X Blue Grass

The progeny actually had the purple Moscow head and the tail colour followed the Blue Grass line. The Blue Grass strain also had a fair share of iridiscence on their bodies and it is carried over to the progeny of this cross. One thing that needs to be worked on is this fish’s finnage. They are not as good as their parents and yes, sometimes this can be expected. i might need to work on this line further if i ever plan to fix the line and improve it. Nevertheless, this cross has definitely intrigued me. Interesting isn’t it? I thought it was an interesting fish and this is the first time I have actually encountered this colour combination. If you have had similar experiences with a cross like this, do email me as I am interested to learn from you too. Cheers and happy guppy breeding! ~ Ardy

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  • Stephanie

    Hi Ardy,

    I got some Moscow grass mix guys from a friend of mine in Thailand and they are absolutely stunning looking. I was looking for more info on them when I came across your blog. The males are Moscow with grass patterns on dorsal and weak grass patterns on the caudal. Sisters look grass. I am awaiting the first batch of fry. I was curious how your breeding of them was going and would love to chat and exchange ideas 🙂 kind regards

    • Hi Stephanie,

      Yes, I may have come across the Moscows from Thailand. They have nice patterns on their tails. I have bred a few Moscow strains before and each of them have different characteristics and genetic make up. How are your Moscows doing so far?


      • das tropaquatics

        are you still having any of these cool guppies and do you still have the golden version too/ thank you for your time

  • Hey!

    Wondering how many of your fry turn out to look like the pictures you showed of the F1 from this unique cross… Or were they all different

    • Hi Dani.

      Not all of the fries turned out as what the pictured showed. Some came out looking rather ugly and looked more like Moscows with patterns that resembled the Grass. There were more females in the batch than males. I have 3 males that looked like the red male shown in the picture and only 1 blue male, the one that is depicted in the picture.

      Are you doing outcrosses too?

      ~ Ardy

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