The Elusive White Dragon Guppies

White Dragon Guppies

White Dragon Guppies

Beautiful White Dragon Guppies

The Elusive White Dragon Guppies:

Hi all,

Take a look at these pics of White Dragon Guppies that I once had.

The scales on its sides is in shimmering green. Just love it!



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  • salvador lopez

    Congratulations for his(her,your) fish(pitches), I also am empesando to producing guppys, only that here in mexico is difficult to obtain qualit fish(pitches)
    Pardon for which Englishman does not speak and I am helping myself for an electronic translator

  • hi iam a guppy lover and i impress of your guppy it so nice guppy and its my frist time to saw guppy in that strain…

  • Ishykiel

    Hi Salvador,

    With more Guppy breeders like yourself in Mexico, it will just be a matter of time before more varieties start appearing in your country.

    Here in Singapore, Guppies are being bred en masse and by fish farms. They sometimes produce some interesting fishes and offsprings that could be developed further into fixed strains.

    Happy Guppy Keeping!


  • Ishykiel

    Hi Pyro,

    Thanks for the positive comments. This strain is quite rare actually even in my country. I usually find them among a tank of Red Dragons. These fishes are farm bred and occasionally I will chance upon some white Dragons. They need to be further line bred in order to make the strain pure.


  • kenneth

    Hi Ishykiel

    May i know ur contact number? I live in singapore too and i am interested in buying some of ur guppies.


    *U can reach me at 96999233

  • ckmok

    Hi… Mr Ishykiel

    I do have this Elusive White Dragon strain…but i am from Penang

  • leo891

    Hi nice guppyes I have 3 of this kind only they have double sword tail

  • Armando

    Hi Ishykiel

    Wow what a beautiful strain, you can send your guppies to U.S.A. with my transshipper Linda Olson.
    That price you get for trio?
    Salvador I have very good strains in Mexico, contact me

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