Hi Everyone! I am Back to Guppy Breeding and the Guppy Hobby!

September 26, 2013 at 1:11 am

Yes. You read that right. I am back in the guppy hobby after being absent for more than 2 years.


Well, the usual hobby killers, I had to move house. And yes, I had to stop the hobby for a while as I had to concentrate on other matters, like designing the interior of the new house and the likes.

But no worries. I have just installed a new guppy breeding setup in my new home and I hope to be active on this blog again. it took some effort to get the whole set up up again and this time I have a smaller guppy breeding setup. The reason for a smaller setup is because I want something which I can handle and I can take care of in spite and despite my busy schedule.

You see guys, I am a full time Forex trader and internet entrepreneur and at times my other projects need me more and this have caused my hobby to suffer a little. but not to worry, my guppies are always well fed and their environment is always cleaned and filters changed on a weekly if not fortnightly basis. This have to be done and I have some hands in the house to help me do all those things when things get busy.

I hope to add more pictures and share my experiences with all you guppy lovers out there. The picture that I have added below shows my setup. 6 tanks on each level, making it 12 tanks in all. The guppy setup is located in one of the rooms in my condo and at room temperature (29 Degrees Celcius), the guppies do quite well and can be observed always asking for food whenever I enter the room.

That is always something that I want to see in my guppies, ever hungry and always looking around for food.

guppy breeding setup

Guppy Breeding Room

The Guppy bug always comes back to me time and time again. I guess this could be the “Guppy curse” that a guppy breeder gets over the years. The hobby just becomes part of his life so much that no matter what he does, he will always get back to the hobby. I have heard that this happens to other fish breeders as well. it happens to Betta breeders, Discus breeders and even angelfish breeders.

It is something hard to describe but somehow the bug to keep guppies and to breed guppies again always comes back.

So, stay tune to the guppy pictures, videos, articles and images that will be coming your way. I hope to chronicle my guppy breeding experience with all of you and I hope that you will appreciate the effort that I am putting in for this blog.

I would be very glad too if you can leave some comments for me. And if you would like to purchase my guppies, do not hesitate to send me an email and leave me a message. I will reply to you as soon as possible with your enquiries.

Cheers and happy guppying!

~ Ardy

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