Half Black Yellow Guppies bred by Ardy

This is a pair of Half Black Yellow guppies bred by Ardy. They are also called Half Black Leopards due to the patterns on their caudal fin.

The pair of Half Black Yellow guppies that you see in the video are the offspring of guppies that I managed to get from a farm located here in Singapore.

Somehow, these guppies from what I can remember is a strain that local Singapore guppy farmers seem to favour more than the other breeds.

I think one of the reasons for these guppies being chosen to be bred by the farmers is their hardiness and the size that they can attain even in normal conditions and given normal and basic fish food.

This strain is easy to breed and the female can have as many as 50 fries in each drop. The females are also quite sturdy and have thick bodies. You can notice that in the makes as well. Their bodies grow out first before their tails and finnage.

There is still room for improvement in these fishes. Their caudal fins can be improved and if we were to follow IFGA standards, we would want the tail to be more angular and sharp at the edges.

Currently, these fishes have a more rounded edge to their tail and this is a characteristic common in local Singapore farm bred guppies.

I guess in the past, guppy hobbyist were more in favour with this tail type. Right now, guppy breeders prefer guppy strains that has a more angular tail edge and more triangular in shape.

Well, time changes things and changes taste. Who knows that the round tail or also called fan tail guppy type might becomes something more favoured in the near future.

These Half Black Yellow Guppies are also non picky eaters. They eat almost anything that you throw at them and I have found that they are much more resistant against diseases and therefore if you were to feed these guppies live Tubifex worms (seen as a risky live food but a superb guppy growth food), they will not be so easily infected by the pathogens that the live Tubifex worms might bring along.

Its kinda strange why these things happen but genetically, we can explain that some strains are just much more stronger and resistant against diseases than other strains of guppies.

I do not keep these guppies anymore but I occasionally see them in the pet stores and at fish farms in Singapore.

Do look out for them in your pet stores. They might just be swimming in the tanks in your pet shop.

If you ever find them or you are keeping them, do give me some comments and share your experiences keeping these beautiful guppies. I am sure many would want to hear your stories.

Cheers and happy guppying!

~ Ardy

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  • Hi Ishykiel, I have been looking for good quality lace snake skin to develop new strains of lace guppy, like the German Red lace, the problem is that I don’t quite like red base guppy. I wonder if it is possible to develop a aquamarine Blue lace? Could you point me in the right directions where I can get find Beautiful snakeskin lace guppy like yours? James

  • Ishykiel

    Hi James,

    At the moment, I have no leads for the above strain. But, I would inform you once there is a good lead.


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