Guppy Nutrition: Feeding Guppies with Dry Fish food

October 19, 2013 at 12:11 am


Guppy Nutrition: Feeding Guppies with Dry Fish food

I think by now , you would have known the importance of nutrition to guppies. Feed them well and they will grow into magnificent fishes with wide tails and strong bodies. Feed them wrongly and you will get guppies that look frail and would never reach their full potential.

Guppies are omnivores. What does that mean?

It means that these fishes eat either other animals or plants. It makes them more or less similar to us humans (Ain’t that cool?)

I have often observed that guppies often nibble at the side of tanks or any other object which are inside their tanks. I have no concrete proof why they are doing that but common sense that me that they could be nibbling at algae that is available in our tanks. To me, it is also a sign that my guppies are healthy and are foraging. I would rather have my guppies yearning for food than dangling helplessly with its head pointed up and its tail pointing down (I think you know what I am talking about here)

Guppies it seems do well in fast flowing waters and I think their natural habitat is of such nature. They are very active fish and are also fast growing. It is because of this that they would require regular feeding and they should be fed with as much variety of food as you can give. In other words, a nutritional balanced diet that contains a varied amount of vitamins, appearance, flavour and even texture. This would not only help the guppies to grow better but it will stimulate them to eat more.

For me, I feed my guppies three types of food:

1. Dry Fish Food

2. Live Baby Brine Shrimp

3. Frozen Blood worms

In the past, I use to feed my guppies Live Tubifex worms but I have decided not to continue with that practice as I believe it is the cause of the multiple disease breakouts in my fish room.

At times, occurrence like that have affected me so much that I find that risking my fishes to total destruction just to get them bigger faster might not be the perfect formula after all. Tubifex are now banned from my fish room and I stick to the above guppy food to bring my guppy to size.

Take note however that Tubifex does have an effect on female guppies in a good way. I observe that when you feed the female guppies with Tubifex worms, they actually drop more young. I might be wrong but I believe if you have the time, you might want to put this to test. 🙂

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  • Thanks for the information. I will try this and put it to the test. Only new and already have explosion of babies

  • Hi, I am just wondering… has anyone considered making an all-male guppy setup for a display tank? And can it be done?

    • I have done one before but be forewarned, the males can start chasing males only and ignore females when they are in the same tank. Yes, I have experienced this before.

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