Guppy Breeding as a Hobby

March 9, 2008 at 3:51 am , ,
Planted Tank of mine

Planted Tank of mine

I started this Blog so that I can share with all who are interested in Guppies the exploits in my the Guppy hobby and now people, I have a Guppy room. It is something which I had always wanted since young, a Guppy Room to keep my guppies and breed them for traits that would make them special.

I have been breeding guppies for as long as I can remember. It was way back in 1992 actually. My first tank was a plastic Guppy brand tank and guess where I got my first guppies? From the local fish shop of course. Nope…not the longkang (Malay word for small drains or monsoon drains) as I believe that the longkang guppies are far from the sophisticated Fancy Guppies that swim with the grace of angels.

Anyway, to keep the long story short. I hope that you enjoy the stuff that I have uploaded here. Please leave your comments whenever possible and don’t forget to email me here. Also, if you want to know more about guppies or would want to get in touch with me. I will share with you whatever information that I have learned and gathered over the years. It never fails to make me happy when I have more people becoming friends from something as simple as Guppies.

Just if you were wondering on the picture above, it is a 5 feet planted tank that I have right smack between my kitchen and living room. I have spent countless hours doing that tank and had started trying to setup a planted tank way back when I couldn’t find a simple CO2 canister and fertilizers for the plants. I never gave up and the industry actually caught up with me and now you can actually do up a planted tank fast once you know what to do, what to get and where to get it. I am quite “blessed’ to be a hobbyist in Singapore as the local fish shop here in Singapore do stock up the equipment needed for me to be successful in this hobby.

Happy Guppy Keeping

~ Ardy

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  • Benjamin

    Hello!I am very happy once I saw this site, I can share my guppy tales online now!I have many questions about my guppies, I started breeding guppies recently and I have problems with them….I have 3 about 2.5-4cm in length and many little guppies not more than 1cm.The second day I had my guppies, the biggest was still beautiful, I went to my friend’s house, when I came back 2 hours later, its black and floating…The next day, just 1 small guppy died, then the third(the day i wrote this comment)the second biggest died, I left my bro to play with the fish, but I don’t know if is it its fault, my bro moves the decoration around. Can you help me, ill give u more details by email…


  • Ishykiel

    Hi Benjamin,

    Thanks for dropping by my blog. I would be glad to feature any articles on Guppies that you may have. Just email them to me with a corresponding picture if you have any.

    Regarding the question you have given me. I feel that there is a possibility that your brother could have caused the guppies to die. First, Guppies are delicate lil creatures and any disturbance directly to them or their environment could wreck potential havoc.

    If you had just acquired those guppies, I think its best that you allow them to settle down first before allowing anyone to disturb them. The most critical situation for any newly bought guppies is when introducing them to a new environment. Its best if you have stored water which is at least 24 hours old for the newcomers.

    If the tank has been settled for some time and you disturb the decorations, it shouldn’t cause any harm to the guppies, unless you have not cleaned the water for quite some time and you have detritus stuck in the corners and when the decorations are disturbed, you might stir the detritus which could in turn affect the water chemistry balance. But the chance of this happening is low though.

    I hope this helps.


  • cheri

    Hi I Love this website and beautiful guppies. Im starting up again rasing guppies. I use to raise them when I was 13. and came up with some beauties. they ended up being king cobra guppies red ones. it was a result from a crossbreeding. I now have a pretty light blue spotted tail guppy dont know what the real name is called. ive got two females and one male in a ten gallon tank, and one albino catfish. and a lone mollie. all get along good.

  • Ishykiel

    Hi Cheri,

    Thank for dropping by. I am glad that you like the site. I intend to update the blog as often as I can and when I have some nice pictures to share with everyone.

    It would be great if I could see your Blue guppies. Drop me a contact and I will try to respond. They might be a Grass strain if they have spots all over.

    Will be able to tell once I see some pics Cheri.

  • Charlotte

    This is such a great blog! I’ve always wanted to raise guppies – I don’t have the time or space at the moment, but I’m on a bit of a research kick with guppies, so I’m excited to add your blog to my reading list!

  • I have a question…… I just recently got 2 yellow guppies, the next day 1 dies but the other one (sunny) is fine. So I got a new one the same kind to replace the other, well that one died too, but Sunny is fine, so am I doing something wrong.

  • Hi Charlotte,

    Thanks for the glowing comment. πŸ™‚

    Do share with us some of your interesting findings of guppies as you voyage through the guppy resource world.

    -Ardy Ishykiel-

  • Hi Ali,

    There are s few reasons why guppies bought from a fish store dies. One, the stock that you are getting are already weakened when you bought them. You really need to observe carefully the guppies in the store before you buy them.

    I do this trick of waving my hand above the guppy tank in the stores to see whether they get all excited as if I am about to feed them.If they do get all excited and energetic, I will then consider buying them. If not, I might just pass unless I really find a unique individual guppy I am willing to take the risk of buying.

    Another reason why they die when we get them home is because they can’t acclimatize to the water in our tank. Make sure the water has been aged for at least 2 to 3 days before those guppies go in.

    I usually have a separate tank for new arrivals and I monitor them gregariously. A small 1 feet tank will do. And also, keep that tank simple with a small corner filter for aeration and filtration. Keep the guppy there for a week or two before transferring them to a bigger community tank or a tank which contains other fishes.

    Hope that your lone Sunny lives to ripe old age. πŸ™‚

    -Ardy Ishykiel-

    Some of my experiences are also similar to yours. Sometimes, the

  • You have some beautiful guppies.

  • Thanks Scott,

    Always looking to do more. Good luck to your Guppy breeding program.


  • Amanda

    I recently got fancy guppies to go in my aquarium. They are wonderful and add a lot of color. They are also tons of fun to watch. I did some research and decided that I didn’t want to breed them so I got “all males” from the local pet store. But just recently one of my yellow ones has gotten pretty big. There is no gravid spot that I can see, but should I get a separation net or what? I have no idea where to start.

  • Jamie

    I got 8 female and 3 male guppies from the pet store and the day I got them home one of my females had babies (5 survived) one of the males died and another one of mine dropped 30 babies.I have the tank well planted now for them to hide in and a heater.Question,I have a smaller tank that has no heater and was going to use it to keep the guppy fry in until they are big enough to go back in my large tank,Will they survive without a filter and heater?

  • I have been raising and breeding guppies for about 5 years now, and I have had great success. But I always have large trouble getting rid of the babies once they are grown. Would you know of anyplace to get these guppies to good homes? Also I have just purchased a male that is really beautiful. I do not know his type though. Half of his body is black and then is tail is like a chrome steel blue. He has no spots at all. Do you have any idea what type he is?

  • Hi Amanda. I hope that your guppies are doing great. You mentioned that you got all male guppies and you are saying that one of the Yellow ones has gotten big and you suspect that it might be a female. From my experience, there are male guppies that can grow quite large and even look like a female in terms of size and finnage. However, the gravid spot is again something that you really want to look out for to really determine the gender. Also do take note that some strains have females that don’t really show the gravid spot clearly, like the Yellow platinum strain that I once use to keep.

  • Hi Jamie, what is the temperature in your tank? If it is too cold, it might not be too good for the guppies. You might want to stock up a heater just in case the weather drops unexpectedly in your place.

    Hi Nick, would appreciate it if you could send me a pic of your guppies. πŸ™‚

  • Kuppy

    hello good day sir. i have been a guppy hobbyist since grade school. i do not have the capacity to purchase quality breeding stocks then. this month i have purchased myself a trio of japan blue grass and metal cobra. am expecting a drop by february. me and my partner are also researching on importing quality stocks to feed our passion for breeding. your mentoring would be very much appreciated with regards to purchasing quality stocks. am from the philippines.

  • Hi Kuppy. I am afraid that I don’t have guppies for sale right now. You can actually try contacting other breeders though. If I have guppies for sale, I would put it up on this site. In the meantime, I will try to help other guppy enthusiasts by sharing guppy info and experience. Good luck with your Japan Blues and Metal Cobras. I think that they are good strains that can definitely kickstart your guppy breeding programme.

  • hi Ishykiel,

    Last month i bought a pair of blue sky guppy from my friend. Actually my friend didn’t breed them himself. He got it from an unknown breeder from another town. But he did keep the males and females in separate tank.

    And by the time it arrived in my place, the female looks slender and her gravid spot doesn’t seem very clear. So i concludes that it must be a virgin. I put them each on a small solitary tank for a week before put the male in the community tank and the female goes to another larger solitary tank. From this point everything is ok.

    But, after two weeks in my captivity, the female got bigger and bigger. I think it’s normal due to her good appetite and the big amount of food i give her daily. Until yesterday when it was the schedule to clean her tank completely and change the water. I moved her temporary to the small solitary tank while her tank being cleaned. I surprised when i could see her gravid spot clearly. It’s now darker then the first time she arrived.

    I know there’s eggs inside her belly. But i’m not sure whether the eggs has been fertilized or not, because i don’t know for sure if the breeder has put her with the male before the shipment to the buyer (in this case: my friend, from whom i obtained this pair). So, my question is what should i do now? Should i put her with the male, or simply put her in a breeding net?

    thanks in advance, and nice to meet you

  • Chloe

    Hi Ishykiel,
    This was my first time on this website and I loved it!
    Soon I will be breeding guppies and I was wondering
    If you could give me some tips on breeding them. Thank you!

  • Hi Chloe,

    I hope that your guppy breeding project have been going well.


    ~ Ardy

  • Hi Andy,

    I hope that you are still breeding guppies and have those Sky Blues in your tanks. Send me an email if you want to have your guppies featured.

    Cheers and happy guppying!

    ~ Ardy

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