Santa Maria Guppies bred by Ardy

November 16, 2009 at 1:46 pm

Santa Maria Guppies bred by Ardy:

A group of my Santa Maria guppies. They come in 3 colours, blue, red and black. Feisty fishes they are and they are a sight to behold.

I originally got them from another local breeder who brings in guppies from Taiwan. He asked me whether I am interested in these Santa Marias. Frankly, I have never seen them before and curiosity go the better of me. I got hold of a trio of Santa Marias and I was quite glad as the female looks like it was going to drop some young soon.

I asked fellow guppy breeders what makes this strain different from the other guppy strains. I was told that this strain has the black marking on its body that extends all the way to the eye and just above the abdomen and it gives the guppy a sharklike look.

Upon closer observation, I realise that this Santa Maria guppies does look like a shark and it does look unique in its own way.

I have bred a few generations of these Santa Maria guppies and they do breed true. They come in three different colours and the seem to have genes akin to the Blue Grass as they throw both red and blue guppies. However, the Santa Maria also throw black tailed guppies and these are rarely found in a brood. Sometimes you will get them and they are usually smaller sized than the blue and red Santa Marias.

These fishes grow large. It is in their genes. The females can get quite huge and the males are also very gregarious. I would say that this strain is one of the easiest strains to keep and breed and will be great for beginner guppy breeders who want to start off with a strain of guppies that will allow them to practice the art of guppy keeping without too much difficulty.

I personally like the big tails of the males and I enjoy observing these beautiful fishes. There is some work to be done though in the dorsal area. The Santa Maria males have dorsal fins that are kinda small when compared to their huge caudal fin. That is one area that a discerning breeder might want to look into and improve if this fish is ever going to win any awards at the guppy show.

I have entered these fishes in a local Singapore guppy show before and they didn’t win. I was told by another Singapore based guppy breeder that these fishes rarely win as they are put in the variegated category and they have quite a number of contenders in that category which have better finnage and colour.

For me, I am just happy to keep and adore this beautiful strain and they don’t have to win shows to be in my guppy room.

If you are someone looking for a ‘beginner’ guppy strain to keep and breed, you might want to consider getting some Santa Maria guppies for yourself. You might just be glad that you got them.

Happy guppying!

~ Ardy

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