I am Ardy and I reside on the sunny island of Singapore. Guppy keeping and breeding is a hobby which I started since I was a little kid with a 2 feet tank. My first guppies came from a tank of feeder guppies, those that were supposed to be fed to the bigger fishes like Oscars and Arowanas. From those guppies I managed to learn more about guppies.

The first thing that I learn is never to buy feeder guppies as pets as they always die on you and they come along infested with parasites and diseases that would make you a fish Doctor if you really learned about them.

Nevertheless, I never gave up keeping guppies and continued to seek out better fishes in Singapore. Singapore has long been known as the Guppy capital of the world as the 70s and 80s saw quite a high number of guppy farms operating here in Singapore and these farmers exported their guppies worldwide gaining fame and wealth with these so called “Drain” fishes. It was common back then to see guppies in Singapore’s drains as these guppies were given the responsibility of keeping mosquito populations low by naturally eliminating the wrigglers. As a young boy, I often went to Geylang Serai, a wet market in the Eastern part of Singapore and I remembered a canal that I often passed by, located just beside a store that produced curry powder. The stinging smell of the curry powder did not stop me from hanging around a while near the canal to look at the beautiful guppies swimming in the drain that was actually quite clogged with rubbish and debris but somehow still managed to sustain the guppies. I guess those guppies were the hardy wild type guppies, the predecessors of today’s fancy strains that are now so prized by guppy enthusiasts world wide.

This blog that I set up aim to chronicle my experiences keeping guppies and also at the same time to get to know more guppy keepers and breeders all around the world. I can say from experience that fish guys are some of the most enthusiastic and cool people in the world. The similar interest somehow make us a happier bunch and more human actually.

So, enjoy the articles and pictures that I have presented on this blog. If you would like to contribute an article or two and would like to share your own experiences and pictures, do let me know. You can just email me and I will look through them before I post them here on my blog. If you would like to share your experiences of keeping other fishes, that wouldn’t be a problem too.

Enjoy yourself and comment on the post. I will try my best to respond. The last few months saw me being away from the site but I am back now and hoping to contribute more to this blog.



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